About Me

I am currently a Master Student in the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Tsing Hua University. I am also a member of Vision Science Lab, under the guidance of professor Min Sun.

My recent research focus on data augmentation on panoramic images. I try to solve the scarcity issue of panoramic datas by implementing a brand-new data augmentation that not only fit panoramic images but also enhances dataset diversity. My new paper on this work was accepted by BMVC 2023.



  • Computer Vision: Real-time Fighting Game

    Develop a two-player fighting game using real-time human pose estimation for avatar control through poses and Utilize GAN-based face morphing for avatars to shift between different looks smoothly.

  • LeetCode

    Solve at least 300 leetcode problems utilizing Python or C/C++, spanning various problem types such as dynamic programming, backtracking, binary search, BFS, DFS, greedy algorithms, monotonic stack, and so on.